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"My problem? Periodontitis. The year before last I only had three of my original top teeth. The solution? Three artificial tooth roots on each side of the upper jaw which would support a rigid twelve-tooth bridge…"

Sarah B., 57, Tax Advisor

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Welcome to Implants Clinic Directory, a site dedicated to put you in touch with possibly some of the most experienced and knowledgeable dental surgeons in the field of implant dentistry. This site is brought to you by Internet Dental Marketing (iDM) a UK based (Berkshire) agency, who work with many of the leading dental companies, universities and dental professionals in the UK. This directory of experts has been put together for the perfect patient experience.

At iDM we have ensured that only registered, qualified dental implant experts are on this site, so you can rest assured that anyone you discuss your needs with, is a true dental professional.

If you want to know more about iDM please click dental marketing to discover more about us. Information about Dental Implants can also be found at the General Dental Council

All our clinics use Straumann dental implants these have been scientifically tested through long-term surveys showing that Straumann implants have a survival rate of up to 98 percent. This means that patients can count on reliable solutions as Straumann makes no compromises on quality.

To find an implant surgeon just input your post code into the search box above or click to show all dental implants clinics listed. If you still have any questions though why not read our frequently asked questions here - FAQ's

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"False teeth at age 55? Impossible for me to imagine. For a long time, I’d had a bridge in my upper jaw which was slowly falling apart because more and more teeth were coming loose. The dentist suggested a plate-free removable prosthesis which would be fixed to 4 implants…"

Robert S., 55, Businessman

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