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Why Choose Dental Implants

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"My problem? Periodontitis. The year before last I only had three of my original top teeth. The solution? Three artificial tooth roots on each side of the upper jaw which would support a rigid twelve-tooth bridge…"

Sarah B., 57, Tax Advisor

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  • experience a tight, secure fixing of the restorations – even when prostheses are used without an adhesive cream
  • can eliminate the discomfort often associated with ill-fitting dentures
  • help encourage the preservation of natural jaw bone and consequently the facial structures
  • preserve healthy neighbouring teeth from the grinding required in conventional bridge therapy
  • maintain your smile

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"False teeth at age 55? Impossible for me to imagine. For a long time, I’d had a bridge in my upper jaw which was slowly falling apart because more and more teeth were coming loose. The dentist suggested a plate-free removable prosthesis which would be fixed to 4 implants…"

Robert S., 55, Businessman

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senior couple smiling with dental implants