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"My problem? Periodontitis. The year before last I only had three of my original top teeth. The solution? Three artificial tooth roots on each side of the upper jaw which would support a rigid twelve-tooth bridge…"

Sarah B., 57, Tax Advisor

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Implants Clinic Directory is a simple and effective way to put you in touch with implant clinicians with the knowledge and ability to give you your smile back. Whether you have lost one tooth or several, our clinicians are all highly trained and knowledgeable and can therefore provide you with advice and ideas on the treatment best suited to your own personal needs. You can trust that the clinicians listed on this site have participated in extensive training for many years and are all highly experienced in both straightforward and complex cases.

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Dental Implants can provide a long-term and aesthetic solution to tooth loss. For more information or to discuss your particular case contact one of our implant practices by typing your post code into the search box to view a list of implant surgeons in your area and their contact details.

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about why you can trust us or indeed if you have a specific issue or question about anything to do with dental implants then why not ask our experts.

Covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland you can be sure that by using our website you will find a great local dental implant clinic.

To find an implant surgeon just input your post code into the search box above or click to show all dental implants clinics listed.

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"False teeth at age 55? Impossible for me to imagine. For a long time, I’d had a bridge in my upper jaw which was slowly falling apart because more and more teeth were coming loose. The dentist suggested a plate-free removable prosthesis which would be fixed to 4 implants…"

Robert S., 55, Businessman

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